ARW Worm

ARW Worm is the result of painstaking work by creative team of FishUp. It was inspired by idea of creating a light compact bait with very flexible airy tail.

Softbait ARW Worm is most effective while making low-amplitude bottom bouncing. Varying different approaches like tossing, shaking, stirring with short and long intervals will lead to the best results.

Due to the unique design, the tail of worm is moving even at the slightest vibration of rod tip, and during the still time it rises above the bottom.

In majority of cases angling with ARW Worm ends up with perches catch, regardless of size and activity level. Pike and zander can also be caught with it. But it is not only limited to these types of fishes. Do not be surprised if after one bite there will be a non-predatory fish on your hook.

Ease of animating, compactness, and flexible airy tail of ARW Worm allows you enjoy large number of bites and caught fish.

FishUp ARW Worm is a real gift to fans of micro jig angling!

Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
ARW Worm 2" 55 12

ARW Worm 2"

ARW Worm 2 012 - Chaos
ARW Worm 2 014 - Violet/Blue
ARW Worm 2 016 - Lox/Green & Black
ARW Worm 2 017 - Motor Oil Pepper
ARW Worm 2 026 - Flo Chartreuse/Green
ARW Worm 2 036 - Caramel/Green & Black
ARW Worm 2 042 - Watermelon Seed
ARW Worm 2 043 - Watermelon Brown/Black
ARW Worm 2 045 - Green Pumpkin/Red & Black
ARW Worm 2 050 - Green Pumpkin Brown/Red & Purple
ARW Worm 2 055 - Chartreuse/Black
ARW Worm 2 057 - Bluegill
ARW Worm 2 074 - Green Pumpkin Seed
ARW Worm 2 081 - Pearl