Baffi Fly

Baffi Fly – A nymph from FishUp

While developing the classical forms of “nymphs”, FishUp team created a special design of antennae and movable legs that created the peculiar playing style of Baffi Fly, characterized by its attractive, “real” behavior underwater.

While fishing trout, the nymph FishUp Baffi Fly works the best with the load of 0.8-1 grams. The bait is designed so that even with such a weight it is submerging slowly, with its whiskers and legs moving in a very attractive way. At the same time, while such a weight is quite big as for AREA fishing standards, it is very efficient in the most difficult conditions and in case if you need to make long casts.

FishUp Baffi Fly is your ultra light universal bait.

Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
Baffi Fly 1.5" 38 10

Baffi Fly 1.5"

Baffi Fly 1.5 009 - White
Baffi Fly 1.5 048 - Bubble Gum
Baffi Fly 1.5 103 - Yellow
Baffi Fly 1.5 104 - Coffee Milk
Baffi Fly 1.5 105 - Apple Green
Baffi Fly 1.5 106 - Earthworm
Baffi Fly 1.5 107 - Orange
Baffi Fly 1.5 108 - Cheese
Baffi Fly 1.5 109 - Light Olive
Baffi Fly 1.5 110 - Dark Olive
Baffi Fly 1.5 111 - Hot Chartreuse
Baffi Fly 1.5 112 - Hot Pink
Baffi Fly 1.5 113 - Hot Orange