Diving Bug

FishUp Diving Bug - a perfect copy of water beetle’s larva, one of the favorite preys for perch, medium-sized pike and zander.

Resembling to the original very much, Diving Bug gives anglers additional benefits in cases when fish has low activity. Shaking legs and long tapered tail of lure, as it is sinking to the bottom, makes it look extremely real and attractive for fish, thus provoking the most passive predator on clear and convincing attack.

Besides bass, walleye and pike, Diving Bug is also attractive even for "white" predatory fishes.

FishUp Diving Bug gives you space for experiments and chance to leave with catch even on the most biteless day.

Expert's Tips

Martynenko Evgeniy. Multiple winner of Ukrainian Cups and Championships.

Animation of this lure is very similar to the classic slug animation. This lure doesn’t play in its own manner, so its movements are specified by an angler. The lure is well suited for active tugs with minimal pauses at the bottom. Excellent result can be achieved with high double pace, low short pace and then tapping the bottom with minimal intervals.

Diving Bug works perfectly with all ultra-light weights, but in my opinion, its capacities open totally in a light with weight around 4-8 grams. The optimum mounting for it is a hinge with hook #4 (according to Owner numeration). The lure has good aerodynamic qualities, and its hinge assembly allows throwing it far and accurately.

This is my favorite lure for catching a perch with a light tackle, and I can also describe it as "bait-scout" that allows check out unknown water, quickly determine the presence of a predator in it, and "withdraw" the most active fish from the detected points.

Shaidetskiy Roman. Multiple winner of competitions at various levels.

It happens quite often, that your "opponent" is interested in a bait, but takes insecure shoots, doesn’t let you pinpoint itself, gets off. In such cases, Diving Bug comes to battlefield.

I've seen a lot of different techniques that are used for angling with this lure, and they always bring success, but I want to share my own. There are cases when the perch is too lazy to chase a fast flowing prey, but it is not interested in barely wiggling worms either. In these moments you need something in between, a lure that is able to trigger a hunting excitement, and at the same time will be an easy prey. In this situation, I use Diving Bug, animating it with short (15-20 cm), but quite energetic pulls, so that the lure would be able to move at least a couple of inches off the floor, with necessary and very short (less than a second) intervals. It is important to choose the proper weight of equipment, which depends on depth, distance and flow on fishing spot.

Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
Diving Bug 2" 50 8

Diving Bug 2"

Diving Bug 2 012 - Chaos
Diving Bug 2 016 - Lox/Green & Black
Diving Bug 2 017 - Motor Oil Pepper
Diving Bug 2 026 - Flo Chartreuse/Green
Diving Bug 2 036 - Caramel/Green & Black
Diving Bug 2 042 - Watermelon Seed
Diving Bug 2 043 - Watermelon Brown/Black
Diving Bug 2 045 - Green Pumpkin/Red & Black
Diving Bug 2 050 - Green Pumpkin Brown/Red & Purple
Diving Bug 2 060 - Dark Violet/Peacock & Silver
Diving Bug 2 074 - Green Pumpkin Seed