Pupa is a "larva" that is the best for both area and stream trout fishing.

Pupa is made of a softer material than the usual bait for river predators. On one hand, this allows to achieve a perfect game, on the other, it is absolutely not disturbing the fish and provokes the fish to swallow the treat, which is very important.

The softness of the material allows catching trout with minimal animation, due to powerful natural attractants (Pupa is available in two versions: the smell of cancer, and the smell of cheese). A motionless bait lying on the bottom is as attractive for passive fish as a larva, moving through the waters in a tempting way.

The compact size of the bait gives it additional weight and excellent casting features that enable you to throw the bait as far as possible with the lowest weight of the load.

FishUp Pupa is extremely versatile, it allows you to do wiring in many kinds of ways: from passive moves near the bottom to active moves near the surface. The depth of wiring and kind of moves depend on the way you put the bait on the hook.

Wide range of colors and sizes can help you achieve the result you strive for, irrespective of the behavior of the fish.

Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
Pupa 0.9" 22 12
Pupa 1.2" 32 10
Pupa 1.5" 38 8

Pupa 1.5"

Pupa 1.5 009 - White
Pupa 1.5 048 - Bubble Gum
Pupa 1.5 101 - Black
Pupa 1.5 103 - Yellow
Pupa 1.5 104 - Coffee Milk
Pupa 1.5 105 - Apple Green
Pupa 1.5 106 - Earthworm
Pupa 1.5 107 - Orange
Pupa 1.5 108 - Cheese
Pupa 1.5 109 - Light Olive
Pupa 1.5 110 - Dark Olive
Pupa 1.5 111 - Hot Chartreuse
Pupa 1.5 112 - Hot Pink