The appearance of such a bait with micro vibrotail in our lineup of FishUp vibrotails was inevitable! This elegant bait has a very soft and moveable tail. The special design, FishUp Wizzy can act in the most attractive manner even during slowest bouncing.

Despite its small size, only 1.5", FishUp Wizzy can tempt to biting even large predators. Important is that Wizzy does not require a serious preparation from the angler. Even newbies who have only basic skills can use Wizzy and won’t remain without any catch.

With this micro tail one can easily and quickly learn all the peculiarities of micro jigging, and FishUp Wizzy will be an indispensable tool in your toolbox.

FishUp Wizzy is a tiny key to great success!

Expert's Tips

Shaidetskiy Roman. Multiple winner of competitions at various levels.

For me Wizzy is a scout bait. In 90% of cases, it is the first I throw into the water. If more or less active medium-sized perch or pike is on its way, a bite is guaranteed. Sometimes quite weighty items become victims of Wizzy. The biggest fish that I caught on Wizzy was a 7.4 kg pike.

This bait does not require special skills in bouncing. In majority of cases I use the usual bouncing, with intervals, or lead the bait wave-like, through the mid-waters or near the bottom. Besides that, a usual pace, with variations of speed and long pauses, always brings up positive results.

In most cases of applying Wizzy, I equip it with jig head weighing from 1 to 3 grams. With this weight the bait is extremely effective.

Model Size (mm) Amount (pcs.)
Wizzy 1.5" 35 10

Wizzy 1.5"

Wizzy 1.5 014 - Violet/Blue
Wizzy 1.5 016 - Lox/Green & Black
Wizzy 1.5 017 - Motor Oil Pepper
Wizzy 1.5 026 - Flo Chartreuse/Green
Wizzy 1.5 036 - Caramel/Green & Black
Wizzy 1.5 042 - Watermelon Seed
Wizzy 1.5 045 - Green Pumpkin/Red & Black
Wizzy 1.5 055 - Chartreuse/Black
Wizzy 1.5 057 - Bluegill
Wizzy 1.5 060 - Dark Violet/Peacock & Silver
Wizzy 1.5 074 - Green Pumpkin Seed